Assembly of Delegates

Hello Members:

Your Colorado Chapter Board hopes this finds you all healthy and ready for our Annual Meeting.

It’s that time again to submit Proposals for Position Statements.

At the Annual Meeting, we will be introducing you to the type of Proposals which are submitted to Assembly of Delegates at the August AMTA Convention.

Proposals can be written by a member, chapter, workgroup, standing committee, foundation, National Board of Delegates or even NCBTMB.

When thinking about ideas for the Position Statement, here are some things to consider:

  • We are gathering input not solutions;
  • AMTA’s mission, goals, and statement on discrimination;
  • we are asking broad questions
  • not deflammatory;
  • cannnot endorse political candidate/party, specific product or company;
  • cannot address internal AMTA issues.

Example: In 2020, discussion for a position statement focused on massage in integrated healthcare.

You can list up to three questions you would like to pose for discussion by the AOD which need to be:

  • open-ended;
  • target the information that the proposal hopes to gather;
  • state any action you feel AMTA should be taking.

For other approved position statements, click here.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact your Delegate at or Chapter President at

2021 Chapter Delegates

Nancy Specian (2019-2021)

Delegate’s Purpose

The position of a delegate is unlike any other in the Chapter.  It is a position elected at the Chapter level; however, delegates meet at the House of Delegates (HOD) meeting during the annual national convention, which is a national meeting.  Delegates are given authority by National Bylaws and Policies and through election by the chapter membership.

A delegate represents his/her chapter members in the HOD and related activities.  The delegate informs the chapter leader and members of timelines, and expresses the desires of the chapter members through voice and vote in the HOD.  This cross-sharing of information allows individual members to have their voices heard at the National level.