2014 Meritorious Recipients!

Congratulations to Michelle Kinkead and Val Webb our Chapter 2014 Meritorious Award recipients!

The Chapter Meritorious Award honors an Active member(s) for diligent volunteerism done in an altruistic manner.  This award was presented to Michelle and Val for their outstanding leadership in the Community Service Massage Team, particularly the Emergency Response Division.  Read more about these amazing women.

Award Recipients


Chapter Meritorious Award: Valerie Webb & Michelle Kinkead
President’s Award:  Shane Radcliff


Chapter Meritorious Award:  Roger Patrizio
Humanitarian Award:  Kimberlee Chatterley
Special Recognition Award:  Bonnie Thompson & Beverly Boyer


Chapter & National Meritorious Award:  Elaine Calenda
Humanitarian Award:  Marilyn Veselack


Chapter Meritorious Award:  Janine Marshall
Humanitarian Award:  Geena RobinsonSpecial Recognition Award:  Michelle Bowman


Chapter Meritorious Award:  Hailey Strampel
Special Recognition Award:  Chanda Hinton & The Chanda Plan Foundation