Every year the AMTA Colorado Chapter elects a new set of Board Members and Delegates to its Board of Directors.  Elections for the 2024 Election Year have concluded! Please meet your newly elected board members here: https://co.wp.amtamassage.org/colorado-chapter

MEET THE CANDIDATES (last updated April 10, 2024):

Shelly Cox

President 2-year Term (2024-2026)
President Candidate Name: Shelly Cox

Why are you seeking this position?

I am seeking the President position, because this position would give me the opportunity to give back to the CO chapter and build my organizational, leadership and communication skills. I want to see the chapter succeed.

I enjoy my career as a massage therapist, and I would like to continue to promote massage therapy to other massage therapists and to prospective therapists. I also wish to promote further education for all massage therapists. I have good organizational and leadership skills. I can help the chapter set goals and objectives along with accomplishing them. In addition, I would like to help see the chapter succeed. I work well with others and enjoy being with people and sharing ideas. I feel I would be an asset to the CO chapter.

What are your qualifications, strengths, talents, skills and/or abilities for this position?

I have been a part of the board in some capacity since 2010. I understand how the chapter board and National organization is run. I have two years experience as a chapter president. I have proven experience working with deadlines. I want the AMTA-CO Chapter to continue to be member orientated. My vision is to work together as a board and get to know the members. I can lead and direct the CO Board to improve CO AMTA efficiency and performance. I enjoy volunteering with the AMTA. I am a planner. I have good organizational and leadership skills. I work well with others.  I am dedicated and reliable. If I am expected to do a job, I always get it done on time. I know how to delegate and focus on what is important. I can adapt when circumstances change.  I am self-motivated. I have excellent management and organization skills as I have been a successful full time massage therapist for 25 years. I would inspire and motivate the board to work toward a common goal. I can communicate effectively with a wide range of people.  I am an honest person with strong massage therapy ethics and decision-making skills. Collaboration is important to me. I believe massage therapists can learn from one another. I have co-led a group of massage therapists in Colorado Springs. We got together for coffee once a month and exchanged ideas and shared massage therapy information with each other.

What is your volunteer experience within AMTA or otherwise?

My AMTA volunteer experience includes Election Coordinator (2010), Delegate (2011-13), Education Director (2012-16), Financial Administrator (2016-2020, President (2020-2022), Board Member-Memberships (2024), and member of Community Service Massage Team along with Government Relations. As a board member, I attended monthly meeting, education events, national convention, and planning board meetings.  As a member of community Service Massage Team, I helped with signing in runners and giving sports massage.  As a member of the Government Relations, I attend monthly meetings and give volunteer massage at the Colorado State Capital once a year at MTLAD (Massage Therapy Legislative Awareness Day).  I have volunteered giving massages, help breaking down the event, and promote events at boat shows for Fishing Has No Boundaries (2018-present). Fishing Has No Boundaries is a non-profit 501-C3 organization that provides 1-2 days of fishing to people with disabilities. 

Nancy Specian

Board Member (even year) 2-year Term (2024-2026)

Board Member Candidate Name: Nancy Specian

Why are you seeking this position?

I want to give back what the massage industry has given me. I wish to serve the Board in the state of Colorado and its members to the best of my ability as Education Director. This is a position, which in my career, I developed the qualifications and experience and also presents a challenge in a different industry. 

What are your qualifications, strengths, talents, skills and/or abilities for this position? 

I have served on the Board in the last ten years as Secretary and Delegate.   I would like to serve again in Education. I know the workings of the Board and National and therefore can contribute my communication, networking, organization, and tech skills.  

What is your volunteer experience within AMTA or otherwise?I believe in service on all levels.  I have and do serve in my church organization, community and business events.

Board Member (odd year) 1-year term (2024-2025)

No candidate applied for this position.

Bonnie Chan

Secretary 2-year Term (2024-2026)

Secretary Candidate Name: Bonnie Chan

Why are you seeking this position?

Massage therapy is my second career which I chose after many years of working in the corporate world, but I also love being an agent of change and bringing people together to build a community.  Being involved in a professional organization keeps me in the loop with the latest developments in our field and presents opportunities to learn new concepts and connect with inspiring members of our community.  I want to offer my strengths to making Colorado AMTA stronger than ever so that massage therapists in Colorado feel supported, heard, and confident in the future of our profession.

What are your qualifications, strengths, talents, skills and/or abilities for this position? 

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, I was an IT project manager for 20 years.  In addition to my work experience, I have an MBA and experience working in not-for-profit organizations.  I have extensive experience with facilitating meetings, tracking action items, taking meeting minutes and all the administrative duties of a secretary.  I was also secretary for the Lone Tree Symphony’s board of directors as well as for secretary for my HOA.  

I am Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and a graduate of the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado (MTIC).  I am also certified in Corrective Exercise through NASM and finishing a Pilates Mat certification through BASI™ Pilates.  As a bodyworker, I specialize in workers comp, sports massage, and have a strong interest in Pilates and yoga as complementary and holistic approaches to health and wellness.

What is your volunteer experience within AMTA or otherwise?

I’m the incumbent Secretary and have served since 2022.  I’ve taken on responsibilities for organizing the chapter documents, handling technology needs like emails and laptops, and communicating updates to National as well as internally with our Colorado board members.  I enjoy my time working with the Colorado Board and hope to serve another 2 years in the Secretary position.  I have attended the AMTA National Convention the past 2 years and networked with AMTA National as well as state chapters to build strong connections outside of our state.  I’ve also volunteered at community sports and wellness events sponsored by AMTA Colorado.  

George Glass

Delegate (even year)  2-year Term (2024-2026)
Delegate Candidate Name: George Glass

Why are you seeking this position?

I am interested in getting involved with the state chapter once again.  I have previously represented the Colorado Chapter, AMTA as a chapter Delegate and Head Delegate.  As my children have grown older and more independent, I have more time to devote to the chapter as a volunteer again.

What are your qualifications, strengths, talents, skills and/or abilities for this position? 

I have been a chapter leader and delegate for both the Vermont Chapter, AMTA and the Colorado Chapter, AMTA since 1993 except for taking the last few years off to focus on raising my two daughters.  In addition, my current professional life requires me to read and interpret research and case studies.

What is your volunteer experience within AMTA or otherwise?

Board of Directors, Chair, Our Own Lives, Durango Colorado January 2024-Present.

Durango Derailers, Organization Committee, 2016-Present.

Board of Directors, Chair & Vice Chair, Community Connections, Inc., Durango Colorado, January 2013-2016 & March 2020-December 2023. 

Head Delegate, American Massage Therapy Association, Colorado, April 2011-April 2015. 

President, American Massage Therapy Association, Vermont Chapter, November 2009-November 2010 & February 2000-November 2003. 

Treasurer, American Massage Therapy Association, Vermont Chapter, November 2003-November 2009 & AMTA NERC 2008. 

American Massage Therapy Association NERC Planning Committee, March 1996-March 2003. 

1st Vice President, American Massage Therapy Association, Vermont Chapter, May 1995-February 2000. 

National Sports Massage Team, American Massage Therapy Association 1995-2000. 

National Sports Massage Education Council, American Massage Therapy Association, January 1997-October 1999.

Sports Massage Team, Director, American Massage Therapy Association, Vermont Chapter 1993-1995.

Online voting will occur from April 19-April 29, 2024, and the results will be announced at our Annual Meeting on May 4, 2024.