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Communications Committee


Our Communications / Public Relations Committee is maintained currently by our Chapter Board.  This Committee is responsible for the following Chapter activities:

For further information regarding our Communications / Public Relations Committee, please contact our Communications group via Email at

Elections Committee


AMTA CO – Online  Chapter Elections

Every year the AMTA Colorado Chapter elects a new set of Board Members and Delegates to its Board of Directors. We notify all current members through our Eblast Newsletter and on our social media pages when we begin accepting nominations for those positions. You can expect to see announcements in the newsletter anywhere from March thru April. Anyone interested in being nominated for any open positions must submit a completed Candidate Profile form to our Chapter Online Election Coordinator (OEC), by emailing  Completed Profiles may be mailed or emailed and should be received by the Chapter OEC no later than 14 business days before the launch of Online Voting. Online voting will generally occur from the mid/end of March to the mid/end of April, and the New Members are announced at our Annual Meeting every April or May, see below for exact dates.

Open Positions Being Filled for Even Year Elections (2024, 2026, etc.)

Open Positions Being Filled for Odd Year Elections (2023, 2025, etc.)

To receive the AMTA Colorado Chapter Board Candidate Application please contact our Chapter Online Election Coordinator (OEC), by emailing  Instructions for completing the form are clearly outlined in the form.  The election results will be announced at the AMTA Colorado Chapter Annual Meeting.

Candidate Profiles Received

(This section is updated with Candidate profiles every year once online voting has started. Please check back in March for more details on who is running for election)

Click on a candidate’s photo to download their completed Candidate Application.


Finance Committee


Our Finance Committee, formerly Treasurer, manages and maintains the Chapters finances. Anything from budgeting to assisting members with reimbursement of funds this committee is all about the numbers. Training is provided, but if keeping track of numbers and spreadsheets is your thing, this is the committee for you! For information regarding our Finance Committee, please contact our Financial Administrator at

Membership Committee


The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining contact with AMTA Colorado Members. The Membership Committee is here to answer questions, and direct members to where they can find the answer they are looking for. In addition, the Membership Committee is responsible for all communications including our monthly Eblast (Newsletters) and maintaining all of our social media posts.  If you would like to join the Membership Committee, please contact us at

Government Relations


Government relations is a big part of the mission of our AMTA Chapter in Colorado. By joining this committee you’ll have the opportunity to hear and weigh in on upcoming legislation here in your home state. Rules, regulations and local ordinances are always changing, and while we employee a lobbyist to guide us, our Government Relations Committee is vital to the future of the massage therapy industry.

If you are interested in joining this committee please email us at:


Updates of recent legislation are no longer kept on this page. If you are looking for updates, please email our government relations department at: We do have our updates archived for research and development needs.

You can also find our most recent updates by liking and following our Facebook Page or check out our Newsletters:


Please also check out our Home Page for the AMTA Colorado Chapter Calendar for upcoming GR Teleconference Meetings! We’d love to see you there!

For specific questions on pending legislation please email we would be happy to review this information with you!

Thank you!

Assembly of Delegates


Delegate’s Purpose

The position of a delegate is unlike any other position in the Chapter.  It is a position elected at the Chapter level. Delegates meet at the House of Delegates (HOD) meeting during the annual national convention, which is a national meeting.  Delegates are given authority by National Bylaws and Policies and through election by the chapter membership.

A delegate represents his/her chapter members in the HOD and related activities.  The delegate informs the chapter leaders and members of timelines, and expresses the desires of the chapter members through voice and vote in the HOD.  This cross-sharing of information allows individual members to have their voices heard at the National level.


2023 Chapter Delegates:

Suzanne Ecchor


At the Annual Meeting, we will be introducing you to the type of Proposals which are submitted to Assembly of Delegates at the August AMTA Convention.

Proposals can be written by a member, chapter, workgroup, standing committee, foundation, National Board of Delegates or even NCBTMB.

When thinking about ideas for the Position Statement, here are some things to consider:

  • We are gathering input not solutions;
  • AMTA’s mission, goals, and statement on discrimination;
  • we are asking broad questions
  • not defamatory;
  • cannot endorse political candidate/party, specific product or company;
  • cannot address internal AMTA issues.

Example: In 2020, discussion for a position statement focused on massage in integrated healthcare.

You can list up to three questions you would like to pose for discussion by the AOD which need to be:

  • open-ended;
  • target the information that the proposal hopes to gather;
  • state any action you feel AMTA should be taking.


For other approved position statements, click here.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact your Delegate at

Community Service Massage Team


As a Sports Massage Therapist on the AMTA-CO Event Sports Massage Team, you will have the opportunity to work on athletes at events throughout Colorado. Being a part of the team is just that, a team.  Very rarely as Massage Therapists do we get the opportunity to work alongside other therapists. At events you have 5-10 other therapists that you can learn from and work next to.  We are looking to add more people to the Community Service Massage Team this year, as well as more events.

We look forward to seeing you all this year!

Please contact the Chapter Community Service Massage Team Chair with any questions you may have about joining us at

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